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Expanding the Societary Conditions and Facilities to Expanding the Society of Services for Health, Social and Social Compensation 4. Strengthening social integration and improving the environmental quality of the environment and improving environmental quality 5.Itness, urban, environmental, social, cultural and information communication infrastructures

In addition to the basic priorities, the policy priorities of the Agency on the key sectors determined for İzmir in the 2010-2013 İzmir Regional Plan are summarized below: 1.The development of the potential in the field of advanced technologies in the field of advanced technologies. 3. Making a tourism destination with interrelation in the interrelation 4.Logistics infrastructure and human resources, improving the integration of Izmir and the integration between Izmir and the industry, increasing agricultural competitiveness in the region 6. Failing to increase the agricultural production structure 7 .Construction of the design and fashion center

Basic Values ​​and Work Principles Basic Values; It refers to the management of the organization with its corporate principles and behavior rules. It is social principles that direct the institution within the framework of the purpose of being reached as an institution. The Izmir Development Agency carries out all activities in the corporate and the main values ​​of all activities carried out outside the institution. The basic values ​​of İZKA guidance to determining their election and strategies are as follows.

The policy policy means that the decision-making processes are involved in the implementation of the preparation and from there to the effective process of the relevant stakeholders in the stages from there. The fact that the decisions with an participant understanding is also believed that decisions increase the possibility of applying. Innovation is to aim to develop continuous development with an innovative perspective in all our corporate processes. Supporting the creative thinking in the institution is also associated with innovation. The principle of neutrality of Iska practices is the principle of neutrality activities, it requires to be equal to all segments in the receiving and implementation of decisions. Transparency defines the processes where applications are kept open and external stakeholders and can be monitored and monitored in account. The reliability principle aims to ensure confidence in the stakeholders as a result of the impartiality practices carried out and continuously increase it. Solution focus requires focus on solving problems with fast analysis, decision-making and application capacity. The productivity policy requires to perform planning, implementation and monitoring processes with a view of the source and the resulting output balance used in the fulfillment of activities.

A) Financial Information The agency of the year 2011 and the explanations on the basic financial statements are presented below.

1. Budget Application Results The Agency has 46.171.333 ¨ provided to be allocated to the beginning of 2011. 62.076.849 ¨ Cash from 2010 and the total of 2011 budget revenues of 2011 are envisaged as 108.248.182 ¨. The agency has been transferred to the 4,480,000 ¨ of the amount that is foreseen to be allocated from central government budget revenues. The total amount of the total amount provided by the Provincial Private Administration, Municipalities and Industry and Commerce Rooms and 22,773.130,78 ¨. Interest income obtained in 2011 4.

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