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In this context, three-day free project writing training was organized for non-governmental organizations (NGO) on 10-11-12 March 2011 with the Provincial Directorate of Izmir Associations (STGM) and Izmir Associations. The ‘provinces of the European Union are preparing to the EU’ s general secretaria ‘The Governorate of Izmir Governorship is prepared with the European Union and External Relations Coordination Center. The project qualifies financial support. Following the approval of the İzmir Governorship in the executive of the Governorship and is partnered in İzmir, the project activities were started to be carried out after the approval of the project in Izmir.

Free project writing training has been edited. It is aimed to improve the capacity of public institutions, local governments and NGO project office personnel carried out in İzmir in İzmir in İzmir.

In this context, two experts participated in the Program Cycle Management Education for the European Public Administration Institute (EIPA) on 7-9 September 2011 on the Netherlands.

The studies of creating a support model for the development of entrepreneurship in the region with the Embroynx University of Izmir Economics University. The evaluation of the legislation to entrepreneurial supports and changes were prepared. MIT Enterprise Forum Turkey

“Birfikrinmivar carried out by Özyeğin University with the Business Plan Competition organized by (MITEF)?” studies to be announced in the region of the competition. Ashoka Endeavor and MITEF models review visit.

Between 26-30 September 2011, 15 people in the Project Offices of the Provincial Governors in the Aegean Region were given 5 days of funds, educator training and project cycle management issues. Public institutions in Izmir, local governments and civil society organizations were given 5-day EU basic education, 3-day project cycle management training and 2-day educational training.

Development and supporting of entrepreneurship The activities of the activities for the development of entrepreneurship in Izmir were designed to be designed. Other country samples were examined and the support types of entrepreneurs were investigated. With regard to the incubation central model, Mersin Tarsus is carried out in Tarsus and Adana Tekmer and Technopark visits. Area Summit, held in Ankara by KOSGEB, the index conference held in Ankara by Technopolis, International Entrepreneurship Congress, which is carried out by İzmir Economics University, ENTRACTION FORUM is held in Istanbul within the scope of the Global Entrepreneurship Week activities, held in Istanbul by the Prime Ministry

Entrepreneurship Summit has been participated in a large number of activities. Two-day training was organized for agency experts to improve technical knowledge and capacity in incubancial centers. Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation Visits were performed in terms of examination of institutions and organizations that provide entrepreneurs with financial support. In addition, these organizations were administered the survey and the determination of the existing situation and the entrepreneurship supports to date. The activity plan for increasing these supports was prepared.

Apart from visits to beneficiaries to carry out these activities effectively, it was ensured that beneficiaries visit the agency and exchange information with monitoring professionals.

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