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The type of “all A’s B is b” form is possible with the type of genus, as the type of species, as the other one covering the other. Then the relationship between the subject and the progress on the predication and the provisions on this relationship depend on the combination of the concepts and the clause of these templates. The belt of the templates are examined as part of the nature and not. According to the singulars under the accompaniment, it becomes a concept except for or without the borage. Casual (Land), except for those who are involved in the other, are associated (land) .35 Included in the breed, genus, genre and separation. The Temel is excluded from the nature (hassa) and the drug (AMM). The property and the community of the community are called the non-constructive elements.

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When we look at samples 1 and 2 in the context of essential and interested in the context of the essence, the birds and lifeless concepts are not the essential parts of human and animal. At the same time, they cannot be added to human and animal sites. Accordingly, they accept the nature of human and animal concepts, birds and lifeless concepts. The bird is misinloyed in the animal, since the bird does not have the opportunity to become a lifeless part of the animal as lifestyle is not a part of the animal. Accordingly, the accuracy-inaccuracy is not only with reality, but also to be compatible with the content of the concepts. 2. The taskate, which constitutes the second part of the certicated classical logic books, is addressed by the taxi in the form of principles and the purpose as in Sufvurate. Accordingly, the principle of the Association is the maximum maximum .36 2.1. Recommendation The proposition of the Association of the Association is defined as the compound of the Compound “is correct” or “wrong” to say that you say to say to say. 37 Propositions, ‘Proposition of’ Proceeds ‘and’ Conditional (Conditioner), is divided into two parts .38 The proposition of the predicate consists of three parts: Subject (Legislative) “; “Loading (Mahmul)”; The issue is called the “Relatives of the Convision” which links the predicate. If the reign is relubruship, the ali subject is called. or determines its negativity. “Human is alive (animal)” The proposition of the accuracy and reality of being relative to the humanity in the proposition. These conditions are called “positive proposition” to the propositions. Suggestion in the form of ‘subject predicate’ in another statement is positive proposition. If the ‘subject is not the predicate’, it is the “negative proposition “.41, for example, the relationship between the subject is not realized as the” human stone “suggests, is not realized as the relationship between the subject. A negative but accurate proposition because of the fact that the ‘subject does not load’ in the form

Manisali, AGE.

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