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Refreshments are subject to the underties in the beams. If it is found in one of the compasses of the beam, the sequence will be negatively because the cut-in negativity is found. Suğrâ 1. 2. 3. 4.

The requirements of the second shape to give. 1. The opponents will be positive and negative as it will be different, two will not be positive or negative. 2. It will be a Kürülülülülür. According to these terms the second figure is four DARB:

1. DARB: Assume Muğriği Milkliye, Cubre Surami Culin, Subway: Surfi in the Milklin. Massey: Every person speaks. None of the birds talk. No people are birds. 2. DARB: SUCLIBEY CIRCULAR, CUBBRAGE CIRCULAR, SUSPENSE: Surge in the pocket. Masis: None of the Muslims is a hell. The infidels are all hell. None of the Muslims are unfitness. 3. DARB: SUCRAGE COLD’IYE, CUBUL SURGISMY CIRCULAR, SUPERTIFICATION: Surface is the wall. Misl: Some Muslims make pilgrimages. No disbeliever makes a pilgrimage. Some Muslims are not infidelity. 4. DARB: SUCLIBE COLL’IYE, CUBRAGE CIRCULAR MIRCLE, ASSIGHT: Saying is the COLLOW. Massey: Some people are not sick. Every medicine is the patient. Some people don’t eat medicine. The requirements of the third shape are two: 1. Suvrâ will be positive. 2. At least one of the compacts will be mixtured. According to these conditions, there are six DOCBI of the third form: 1. DARB: SUCRA AND CUBRAGE MIRCLE CULAR, SUPERTICATION: Mûcıyı Cünüyye. Masque: Every person is alive. Every person dies. Some people die. Every nigga is black. Every nigga is human. Some black is nigga. 2. DARB: Assume Muğriği Milkliye, CubBrâlami Milkliye, Subject: Surface is the wall. Masque: Every person is alive. No people are stones. Is not some living stone. 3. DARB: SUCRAGE COLD’IYE, CUMBRAGE CIRCULAR MIRCLE, SUBSTANCE: Mûcibeyi is the wall. Masque: Some flowers are red. Every flower is the plant. Some reds are the plant. 4. DARB: SUGRABIYE COLD’IYE, CUBRA SOMETY Milklin, Detection: Saying is the COLLOW. Masis: Nebaytin is a tomato. No Nebayland is not useless. Some tomato is not useless. 5. DARB: Sensit is the Cubber of the Cubber Cubber, Subject: The Mûcibey is the wall. Masque: Every fabric has touched. Some fabric is worn. Some touched are worn. 6. DARB: Assume Muğriği Milkliye, CubBrie Surami Sür’iyye, Sayılıkı: Saying is the COLD’I. Masque: Every live mosque makes it prayer. Some mosques are not filthy. Some prayer places are not filthy. The requirements of the fourth shape to give

1. Muğrâ both mûcibe or one will be both mûcibe or one mûcibe to the other – if both of the mûcibe will be mûcibe, there will be a mürüye as it will be as mürüye, there will be the powdery powder in the form of mutual, if it will be mûcibe both mucundy, two Darb occur. 1. DARB: Assume Muğriği Milkliye, Cubre Muscle Milklin, Hipe: Mûcibeyi is the wall. Masque: Every Muslim makes it prayer. Every fasting is Muslim. Holding some prayer. 2. DARB: Sensit Muğriği Culinier, CubBoe Curn’iye, Suspect: Mûcibeyi is the wall.

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